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Case History of Columbia Steel rebuild and upgrade of
Wheelabrator 12' diameter car table machine

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Wheelabrator Car Table blast machine with 12' diameter table and 3 blast wheels. Heavy duty
dual lip seperator to romove sand from media. Used for sand and scale removal from large steel alloy castings.



Left Image: The two dost collectors that were on the stand. Left one servicing the Wheelabrator, the right one servicing
a Pangborn 8' table in the same area.

Middle Image: Removing Dust Collectors

Right Image: Shortening and modifying the platform to accept the new dust collector.



Left Image: The new Torit 15,000 cfm pulse jet baghouse with walk in plenum and 40 HP blower.

Middle Image: New heavy gauge steel vent pipe to connect both blast machines to new dust collector.

Right Image: New wye valve and dust tight commections to barrels. Each barrel has a sensor to alert
the system when either barrel is full.

Bottom Image: Automatically controlled wye valve to divert dust to empty barrel automatically and alert operator
of full barrels.  Over full switch in machine hopper.




Left Image:   Magnetic seperator to allow sand to be removed from the blasting shot and good shot automatically returned to the machine.

Middle Image:   New 26.5" diameter Wheelabrator EZ fit blast wheel assembly in cast Manganese housing.

Right Image:   New Wheelabrator EZ fit Wheel


Left Image:   Abrasive control valves were replaced with new "sound-a-bator" valves, steel feed lines and gum rubber hose to the wheels.

Middle Image:   New Hydraulic barrel loader automaically loads 55 gallon drums of shot into the adder hopper.

Right Image:   The adder hopper can hold more than a ton of shot. Sensors in hopper show at thee operator station to alert them if shot is low.
System automatically replacenishes main hopper when the level gets low. Operator just keeps the adder full.