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Used 1990 Goff 72" Table Machine with Torit Dust Collector
Available as is or Rebuilt

It looks bad cosmetically but structurally and wear wise is in actually very
good condition. Customer glued rubber in to preserve
cabinet but the cabinet is still in good condition.

* Specifications: https://www.goff-inc.com/useruploads/files/72tb.pdf                             
* 72" Table, one swing door, 2 Blast Wheels15 hp each, Direct Drives.
* 72" Diameter load capasity, 34" High edge of table, 43" at center. 6,000 lb weight capacity
* Torit 4 Cartridge Dust Collector with 5 hp blower included.
* Machine is still installed and running.
* Can be purchased as is where is or rebuilt with a warranty and paint job
Can be viewed in Portland, Oregon
$30,000 as is or $65,000 completely rebuilt with warranty

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