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Service and Installations


Case History of 2019 T Bailey Inc of Anacortes, WA moving into
a new and larger facility a few miles from original plant.


Blast Cleaning Services (BCS) had sold and installed an 8 wheel pass through machine for them in 1999 for cleaning
"ring steel" up to 11' tall as well as various complex weldments. Work is loaded onto carts and drug through the blast machine by a powered chain that the carts hook to as they roll on steel rails.

BCS has supported this machine since its delivery and start up including some major lining upgrades, blast wheel housing upgrades and general maintenance.

T Bailey contracted BCS and asked us to move the machine out of the original building and transport it to the new facility to re-install it. In addition they wanted the machine to have a 1' wider work capacity. Because T Bailey has large forklifts, cranes, trucks etc. on site we agreed to have them supply all of that.

BCS removed the machine from its building in components. Loaded on T Bailey trucks and re-assembled at the new facility.

In the process the blast chamber was widened by 1' and welded back together with lining in the blast zone.

New shot feed lines needed to be fabricated on site to accomodate the new configuration.

All cutting, welding, rigging, mechanical work was performed by BCS personnel.

From beginning to end our portion of the project took 3 weeks and finished exactly on schedule.

We came back after power and compressed air were connected and got the machine into operation.